Veterans' Voices

Veterans' Voices is a collaboration between WYSO and Wright State University's Veteran and Military Center (VMC). The project was originally part of Veterans Coming Home, a national public media initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and now receives funding from Ohio Humanities.

The series features stories of Miami Valley veterans who served in a variety of conflicts and branches of service and focuses on the veterans’ stories of re-entry into civilian life. The stories are reported by student veterans attending Wright State University trained in WYSO's Community Voices model. This unique veteran-to-veteran storytelling project is designed to let Miami Valley veterans describe their own experiences, in their own voices.



Airborne Outfitters is a veteran-owned and operated camping supply company.
courtesy of Jason Evatt

Today on Veterans Voices we hear from a Beavercreek Air Force veteran, Jason Evatt. He’s the founder of a web store called Airborne Outfitters, which makes and sells camping supplies.  Evatt’s business grew out of his determination to overcome PTSD.


Army veterans Ericka Carter and Loghan Young.
courtesy of Carter and Young

The role of women is expanding in the military, yet gender stereotypes remain. Today on Veterans’ Voices, we hear from Army veterans and Wright State students Loghan Young of Huber Heights and Ericka Carter of Dayton who pursued career paths in the military that defied expectations.


Navy veteran Pyotr Dobrotvorsky and Army veteran David Berry.
courtesy of David Berry

The American military is very diverse, and it’s where many men and women first learn how to build relationships with people from different cultures. Army veteran and Wright State University student David Berry of Springfield was raised in America and Navy veteran Pyotr Dobrotvorsky of Yellow Springs was raised in Russia.

C. Michael Fairman and Jeremy Dobbins
Will Davis / WYSO

Today our Veterans’ Voices series concludes with a conversation about the therapeutic benefits of adventure sports. Marines Corp veteran and Wright State student Jeremy Dobbins of Springfield spoke to fellow Marines Corp veteran C. Michael Fairman about coping with PTSD, and climbing the world's tallest mountain.

Jeremy Dobbins interviewing Jay Blunt
Jeniffer Seavey

Today our Veterans’ Voices series continues with a cross-generational conversation about racism. For some recruits, the military is the first time they have to confront their own prejudices, and live and work with people different from themselves. Here’s Marine Corps veteran and Wright State student Jeremy Dobbins of Springfield, and Marine Corps and Vietnam veteran, Jay Blunt of Dayton.

Reflecting on Military Service Without Combat

Dec 16, 2016
Cody Stevens and Cole Hamilton
Will Davis / WYSO

Today on Veterans Voice, we hear from two veterans who never saw combat. Even though that’s the case for most men and women who serve in the military, Cody Stevens of Xenia and Cole Hamilton of Dayton have mixed feelings about not getting to deploy. Cole is an Army veteran and Cody is a Marine Corps veteran. Both are Wright State students.

David Morse and Greg Meriwether
Will Davis / WYSO

Today our Veterans’ Voices series continues with a cross-generational conversation between a post-9/11 veteran and a Vietnam veteran. Wright State student and Air Force veteran David Morse of Riverside is studying social work, and he talked to his mentor, Air Force veteran and social worker Greg Meriwether about counseling Vietnam veterans, and how post-traumatic stress disorder has changed since then.

Peter Miller / Flickr Creative Commons

When President-elect Donald Trump visited Vandalia earlier this year, a young man named Tommy DiMassimo rushed the stage. He was arrested and sentenced to one year’s probation. This month, a Federal judge ended that probation early without objection from the Department of Justice. Tommy DiMassimo is an activist, and before the Trump incident, he participated in a march at Wright State University protesting racism and police brutality where he stood on an American flag. Many veterans were outraged.

Amanda Murphy and Jeniffer Seavey
Will Davis / WYSO

Jeniffer and Amanda met in the Army. Both experienced set backs then, but today they find strength in their friendship and service. Our Veterans Voices' series continues with Army veteran and Wright State student, Jeniffer Seavey of New Carlisle, and her BFF, Army veteran Amanda Murphy.

Air Force veterans Norbert Baur and Matt Bauer
Will Davis / WYSO

Today our Veterans Voices series continues with the Honor Flight Network, a non-profit organization that celebrates America's veterans by transporting them to Washington D.C. to visit their memorials. Air Force veteran, and Wright State student Matt Bauer of Vandalia spoke to his grandfather, Air Force veteran Norbert Bauer about his recent Honor Flight trip, and his military service.

Matt Bauer (MB): You were in Alaska for two years.

Norbert Bauer (NB): Two years.

MB: Because that was during…