Advocates for Basic Legal Equality attorney Ellis Jacobs Ellis Jacobs testifying about the Dayton Daily News sale at the commission meeting.
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FCC Grants Dayton Daily News Owner 60 Days To Sell, Maintain 7-Day Publication

The Federal Communications Commission has granted the Dayton Daily News’ owner more time to find a new buyer. The extension could keep the newspaper operating seven days per week.

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The Mud Run Conservancy, a Clark County organization dedicated to preserving and advocating for the land/water resources of the Mud Run watershed, is hosting a benefit concert this Saturday in Yellow Springs, featuring a concert and square dance by longstanding Miami Valley old-time music group The Corndrinkers. Kathleen Matthews from Mud Run Conservancy and Linda Scutt from The Corndrinkers came to WYSO's Excursions to speak with Niki Dakota about the event, and what the conversancy does.

Tom Stafford reads David Lee Garrison's poem "Winter in the Library"

Children's Services
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Officials have now opened several investigations into the death of 10-year-old Takoda Collins. One of the three people arrested in the case was the boy's father, Al-Mutahan McLean, on charges of child abuse, endangerment, torture, and the rape of a person under 13 years old. Two women were also charged in the case.

Don't you just love it when you discover a book that is totally unusual and as you are reading it you keep saying things like; this is so beautiful, and, I am totally feeling this?! Kathryn Scanlan has created a book like that, I could not believe how much it resonated with me.

Conrad Balliet reads two snow poems from Robert Brimm

winter robin
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The year seems to pause now, frozen in the middle of deep winter, but natural history and our own hope for  spring continue to be the sum of our observations. 

Since there is no limit to what a person might watch and record, an endless winter is only in the eye of the beholder. Like every other season, winter accumulates, is the product of the sensations it causes, is only what we see it to be, is all that we see it to be.

Weather and tariffs have created some tough conditions for Ohio farmers and agribusinesses. But they can get some relief through a state program that reduces the interest on the debt they incur for their operations. 

National Weather Service investigators are continuing to survey the damage littering the Miami Valley region after the  Memorial Day storms that killed one person and injured dozens more.
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The National Weather Service has confirmed two tornadoes touched down in Miami County Saturday night.

Forecasters say the first twister, rated an EF-Zero with winds up to 80 miles per hour, hit Troy just after 10 p.m., leaving damage concentrated mostly near Troy High School and downtown. 

National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Hogue says winter tornadoes are rare, but he says this weekend’s weather conditions were just right to produce the storm with damaging winds. 

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In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

Military suicides continue to climb and it’s a deadly trend that Pentagon officials say is frustrating and they are struggling to counter. Today on Veterans’ Voices, Margi Fritz of Columbus, the mother of two Army veterans, talks to her friend, Claire Roderick, about military suicide awareness.

That was Margi Fritz and Claire Roderick. This conversation took place at WYSO as part of StoryCorps’ Military Voices Initiative which visited the Miami Valley last summer. Veterans’ Voices on WYSO is presented by Wright-Patt Credit Union with additional support from CareSource.

Stats + Stories: The Stats Behind Your Medical Care

Jan 11, 2020
Dr. Harrell is the founding chair of the Vanderbilt Biostatistics department.
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WYSO is partnering with Stats and Stories, a podcast produced at Miami University.

At some point in your life you or someone you love will have an illness that you hope will be addressed with a medical treatment. The decision to use this treatment will be based on medical research, you hope. The reliability of medical research will be the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories, where we explore the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics. John Bailer and Richard Campbell are joined by Frank Harrell, the founding chair of the Vanderbilt Biostatistics department, as well as Expert Statistical Advisor for the office of Biostatistics for the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the FDA. He has written impactful books on modeling software packages to facilitate analyses, and hundreds of scientific papers.