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These Little Town Blues: Rural Downtowns Seek Lost Vitality

Here in southwest Ohio, it’s not hard to find small country towns that were thriving fifty years ago but are now struggling to survive. They’re all subject to similar economic forces – but each one has its own story.

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Siblings Tiffany and Jeremy started getting high together as teenagers. Now they're trying to stay clean together. They're back under the same roof at the same sober-living facility.
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Fighting The Stigma Of Opioids, Addiction At Dayton Support Group FOA Families of Addicts

Around five years ago, the mother of a struggling opioid addict launched a support group in Dayton to help other people living with a loved one’s addiction. It’s called FOA, for Families of Addicts. Central to the group’s mission is an effort to break down the stigma that often surrounds the opioid epidemic.

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Big News From Antioch College and WYSO

A letter to listeners from WYSO General Manager Neenah Ellis


Dayton History Fight Night returns to Memorial Hall.
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Each year the Dayton Auto Show rolls into town with displays of the latest and greatest models and automotive technologies. It is at the Dayton Convention Center today until 9pm, Saturday, 10 to 9; and Sunday, 10 to 6.

State of Manufacturing Tour held Wednesday at Staub Manufacturing in Dayton.
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U.S. Senator Rob Portman was in Dayton on Wednesday to meet with more than 20 local business leaders and state legislators about workforce development. Portman is promoting a number of measures aimed at connecting highly skilled workers with open jobs around the state.

Portman told the gathering that the workforce development gap is one of the biggest issues facing businesses across Ohio.

Last month, Ohio issued food stamp benefits for February to low income Ohioans. The idea was to get needy families the assistance up front so they wouldn’t go hungry due to the federal government shutdown. But now, families are finding it hard to stretch those dollars into March. So the state is making another adjustment.

Ohio’s top elections official, Secretary of State Frank LaRose, says giving workers a day off for Election Day is an interesting idea, but he’s not convinced it’s the one and only solution. 

Once again, the ACLU of Ohio is pushing for criminal justice reform with a new report on what it calls the “Statehouse to prison pipeline”. 

Blue Jay
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The shift in weather that multiplies the signs of spring takes place within a week of Cross Quarter Day, the day on which the sun reaches halfway to spring equinox, February 18th.

Three or four good thaws, sometimes lasting a week apiece, have already come up from the south before then. Bulbs made progress during each of them, foliage rising ever so slowly though the soft ground.

The opioid epidemic has touched the lives of thousands of people across the Miami Valley. As part of our coverage of the crisis, WYSO wanted to know what our listeners wanted to know. We collected dozens of questions, a lot of them from people wondering how best to help a loved one struggling with addiction or recovery, and how to find support for themselves.

Two Republican state representatives will unveil legislation tomorrow to change the state’s prevailing wage law. Actually, Ohio’s lawmakers have been trying to alter those laws for a while now.

In November of 1978 the Reverend Jim Jones instigated the mass suicide of over 900 of his followers at Jonestown in the remote jungles of Guyana in South America. Twenty years later Deborah Layton who had been a member of the cult leader's inner circle published a memoir about her experiences in the People's Temple.

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Legal advocates are offering a free workshop in Dayton Monday to assist people in applying to Ohio's new six-month driver’s license reinstatement program. Bureau of Motor Vehicles numbers show approximately 410,000 Ohioans across the state would be eligible.

The temporary Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Initiative was created by House Bill 336 and took effect in January.