Demonstrators at the 2010 Cancun Climate Summit.
Velcrow Ripper / Flickr/Creative Commons

Dayton Climate Strike Planned To Coincide With Global Actions

Some Dayton activists are preparing to participate in Friday’s Global Climate Strike . The international demonstration is meant to call attention to climate change and prompt political action to mitigate its effects.

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Debbie Walker reads her poem "Let Autumn Come"

Ed Davis reads his poem "Fireflies at the Fen"

If Gem City's fundraising effort is successful, construction will begin early next year. The store is set to open in the summer of 2019.
April Laissle / WYSO

Hundreds of people are expected to attend a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday for Gem City Market, a co-operative grocery store designed to address diminishing access to healthy food in West Dayton. 

Plans for the market have been underway since 2015. The store is set to offer fresh produce and other grocery staples. It’ll also feature a community health clinic and a teaching kitchen. 

Amaha Sellassie, president of the Gem City Market Board, says more than 2,200 people have already signed up to become members of the co-op. 

Montgomery County Children's Services workers on strike, July 19, 2019.
April Laissle / WYSO

The Montgomery County Children Services union is expected to vote Wednesday on whether to accept a final contract offer from the county. The county’s last offer to the Professionals Guild of Ohio includes an across-the-board wage increase for all employees. However, not all workers would receive that pay increase in the same manner.

fall leaf
compassrose_04 / Flickr Creative Commons

The time of early fall is an ambivalent time, a time of being on the edge. Summer is not really gone, but foliage is aging quickly and flowers are disappearing. The days may be warm and humid, but the sun is a March sun and could rise to frost on any morning.

I experience a vague excitement now, am in suspense as to just when the wind will change, look forward to the cold, feel relief at the end of the Dog Days, but I also wish that the season did not have to change so quickly.

State lawmakers are back in action holding more hearings on gun regulation bills. And Gov. Mike DeWine is still pushing for his proposals. But Congress has yet to show an interest in moving gun issues on the federal level, with provisions getting blocked in the Senate. 

Britney Nicole Jones and Brian Pinson survived the Oregon District shooting and attended the first Tragedy Fund forum Monday.
Jess Mador / WYSO

More than 50 people attended the first of two Oregon District Tragedy Fund public meetings at Sinclair Community College Monday. The meetings are designed to gather public comments on how the fund’s $3 million in donations should be distributed to survivors and victims’ families. Many people who testified pleaded with the fund's oversight committee to help people living with shooting-related injuries. 

Holmes Co., Ohio, is a patchwork of farmland. Modest houses perch on sloping hills and laundry hangs from clothes lines, flapping in the wind. There are horses and buggies – some driven by farmers in straw hats, others by women with their hair covered in bonnets, babies on their laps.

Holmes is one of the healthiest counties in Ohio. It’s also the least insured.

Otterbein University in Westerville will host CNN's  presentation of the fourth Democratic Presidential Primary debate.

"Leaving Atlanta" by Tayari Jones

17 years ago a writer named Tayari Jones came through Dayton on a book tour for her debut novel. At that time she was virtually unknown. That afternoon she made her first appearance on a live radio program. Today Tayari Jones is no longer an unknown author. Her most recent novel, "An American Marriage," was an Oprah's Book Club selection and a best-seller.

"The Rape of Nanking" by Iris Chang