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The Ohio Country

This 12-episode series provides a perspective on the history of the region we now call Ohio that very few of us learned in school. It puts the experiences of Miami, Shawnee, Wyandotte, and other American Indian people at the center of a refreshed version of the state’s complicated past and undecided future.

This in-depth podcast from WYSO Public Radio is the result of more than a year of reporting.

Ruthie Herman


Ohio Country is written by Neenah Ellis and Chris Welter.

The series editor of The Ohio Country is Samantha Sommer. The cultural adviser is Dr. John Bickers, assistant professor at Case Western University in Cleveland and a citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. The digital producers are Mary Evans and Kaitlin Schroeder.

Flawn Williams is the audio mixer and the composer is Evan Miller. Our logo was designed by Lela Troyer, a citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.