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Community Voices is all about getting local voices on the air. Below you'll find individual stories from WYSO's Community Voices producers. For information on upcoming Community Voices training opportunities, click here.

  • Women in the military often face two fronts. They fight the enemy and prejudice from male enlistees. Navy veteran Dawn Bellinger of Beavercreek who tells…
  • D-Day veteran Jim “Pee Wee” Martin of Xenia was part of a unit that parachuted down over Utah Beach in the dark of night on June 6, 1944. It was the beginning of the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany. 70 years later, at age 93, Martin returned to Normandy to jump from a plane to commemorate the anniversary. Air Force veteran Kevin Price of Bellbrook talks to Martin, one of his heroes, whose fascination with the Navy and submarine service first lead him to the recruiting office.
  • In the Air Force, the Instructors rule boot camp. With early wake up calls and long hours of physical training, they ground discipline into enlistees. In this encore edition of Veterans’ Voices, Air Force veteran Herman Webb of Fairborn tells his daughters, Samantha Webb and Jennifer Lobo that his strength and self-control prepared him well for his military service.
  • Tsukioka Yoshitoshi is widely considered to be the last master of traditional Japanese wood carving. His colorful prints were made in the 19th century, but his imagery is everywhere today. You’ll find it in books and on calendars. Posters hang in sushi shops and college dorm rooms. But when Dayton Art Institute reopens on July 10th, they’ll have 100 rare, original Yoshitoshi  prints on display.
  • In recent years, research has shown that post traumatic stress disorder can be helped with expressive writing. Marine Corps veteran Chris Bussler of Harveysburg tells his wife, Wendy, about a creative strategy he found to cope with the stress of his multiple deployments. 
  • On the Washington mall, just south of the black granite Vietnam Wall, there’s a statute of a wounded soldier surrounded by three nurses. The Vietnam Women’s Memorial tells the story of some 11,000 uniformed women who served in Vietnam. In this encore edition of Veterans' Voices, we hear from Army veteran Susan Wambach of Washington Township as she talks to her wife Renee Clevenger.
  • This story originally aired January 20, 2020.Military suicides continue to climb. It’s a deadly trend that Pentagon officials say is frustrating and they…
  • By now many of us have worked from home on Zoom. So what does that mean if you are a dancer in the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company? When Ohio shut down…
  • Just outside of Yellow Springs is a former farm that has been turned into Ohio’s first center for regenerative practice. It’s a new project by the Arthur…
  • When Betty Ann Borders’ husband joined the Air Force, like many military spouses, she found herself trying to balance the couple’s jobs and family…