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Culture Couch


Culture Couch

WYSO is exploring the arts scene in our community with an occasional series. It’s called Culture Couch. Have a seat.

It’s stories about creativity – told through creative audio storytelling.

From Broadway musicals to youth theatre, and graphic novels to graffiti, you’ll meet artists from across the region. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.

Support for Culture Couch comes from WYSO Leaders Frank Scenna and Heather Bailey, who are proud to support storytelling that sparks curiosity, highlights creativity and builds community.

Culture Couch is created at the Eichelberger Center for Community Voices at WYSO.

  • Mention Maurice Sendak, and people think of Where the Wild Things Are. Max and his sailboat and those giant creatures. A new exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art aims to show that Maurice Sendak was much more than a beloved children’s book author. He is a great American artist of the twentieth century. David Seitz talked with two people who knew Sendak well, and they told him about his creative process.
  • Lots of people dress up as characters from Star Wars for Halloween, but some folks wear out of this world costumes year round. And they do it for good causes close to home...
  • Ghouls and gals are making the annual pilgrimage to Foy's Halloween and Variety Store. The 93-year-old family run business is the oldest store in Fairborn, and it’s become such a popular Halloween destination that over the years the Foy’s have added two costume shops, a haunted house supply store and a haunted museum to this city block.
  • Chef Elizabeth Wiley, CEO of Meadowlark Restaurant and co-owner of Wheat Penny Oven and Bar in Dayton, first started cooking for her younger siblings growing up in Kansas. When she took a job as a teenager working in her Aunt and Uncle’s restaurant that cemented her love for the culinary arts that sent her on a journey across the country to pursue her passion.
  • The influx of huge multiplex cinemas in the 80’s and 90’s marked the end for many struggling, independent movie theaters. Now the tide is turning. As industry behemoths AMC and Cineworld contemplate drastic measures to stay afloat, small town theaters in the Miami Valley are experiencing a renaissance.
  • The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton recently opened a new exhibit called the Beiser Room of Wonders. The exhibit hearkens back to the museum's nineteenth century origins.
  • One of Wally Byam’s favorite pastimes was hiking and camping. But, his wife Marion didn’t share his love of sleeping on the ground in a tent. So, Wally decided to come up with a way that they could go camping together where she would be comfortable and enjoy it as well... And the Airstream travel trailer was born. Wally’s legacy is now on display at the newly opened Airstream Heritage Center in Jackson Center. Renee Wilde visited the museum to bring us this story for Culture Couch.
  • When congress repealed federal prohibition restrictions legalizing home brewing in 1978, the doors swung open for D.I.Y. beer lovers. By the 1990’s a craft beer movement was sweeping the nation.
  • Dayton photographer Richard Malogorski travels throughout rural America documenting images of abandoned buildings, old-time repair shops, and other remnants of local history. Malogorski uses a Cirkut Camera, manufactured in 1915 - that creates panoramic images up to 90” long. His large format, silver gelatin photographs mimic the wide, expansive landscapes that he loves to capture.
  • When the I-675 bypass was completed in the late ‘80s, it left huge scars on the land in the wake of its construction. Father Don Gieiger from the Marianist community in Greene County saw that environmental degradation as an opportunity - to restore both the land and communities.