Antioch College owns and operates WYSO as a Non-Commercial Educational station under license from the Federal Communications Commission.  Click here for Antioch College's Board of Trustees.

Per the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, WYSO maintains a Community Resource Board.

Board Members
Natalie Skilliter, Chair   natalie@afinerdiner.com
Chuck Berry - chuck@djchuck.net
Kevin Rose - krose@hmturnerfoundation.org
Bruce Bradtmiller    bruce@anthrotech.net
David Seyer - seyerd@childrensdayton.org
William Linesch - wlinesch@woh.rr.com
Kevin McGruder - kmcgruder@antiochcollege.org 
Herbert B. Cousins - rusty@freeturtle.net
Judd Plattenburg - judd@oregonprinting.com
Bradley Price - price.bradley@gmail.com
Rodney Veal - rveal@mac.com
Lucy Owens - Sierra.Leone@sbcglobal.net
Jayne Monat - jayne.monat@gmail.com
Michelle Hayford - mhayford1@udayton.edu
Jeff Cox - jcox@ficlaw.com
Elizabeth Sandhu - esandhu@ssdlaw.com


WYSO Public Radio Resource Board Meeting Schedule:
The minutes of meetings are not posted until the draft minutes have been approved by the Resource Board. This happens at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.

The Resource Board meets every other month, usually on the third Wednesday at 8:15 AM and meetings are open to the public.  Meetings alternate between the WYSO Studios in Yellow Springs, 150 E. South College Street, and the Corner Kitchen, 613 East Fifth Street, Dayton, OH.  Because the time and date of a meeting may change, if you plan to attend, please confirm the date, time and location with Neenah Ellis (937-769-1391) prior to the day of the meeting.

Minutes (PDF):