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The Oakwood City Council heard residents' comments in response to recent allegations of racial bias in police traffic stops.
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A regularly scheduled Oakwood City Council Monday night addressed a recent report alleging Oakwood Police pull over a disproportionate number of black drivers. The nonprofit legal-aid firm Advocates for Basic Legal Equality report also raises concerns about police officers running license plate checks on black drivers.

University of Dayton Criminal Justice Professor Martha Hurley, one of the report's authors, says it points to the possibility black drivers are being targeted.

Your Voice Ohio is hosting a series of forums for community members to discuss what topics they want to see politicians and the media cover during the next election cycle.
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Twenty community members gathered at the main branch of the Dayton Metro Library on Monday to decide what topics they want to see politicians and the media cover during the next election cycle.

The forum was hosted by Your Voice Ohio, a media collaborative designed to bring communities together to discuss problems and share solutions.  

Participants were asked to imagine what their ideal community would look like, and then to decide what would need done to achieve that ideal.

Ned Peppers bouncer Jeremy Ganger and event organizer Shannon Hous. Hous says she wanted to make sure Ganger knew just how much his actions during the mass shooting were appreciated.
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A bouncer whose actions are credited by many with saving lives during last month’s mass shooting in the Oregon District was honored Sunday. 

At the Antioch Shrine in downtown Dayton, Ned Peppers bouncer Jeremy Ganger received an embroidered jacket with the city skyline on the back, along with the words “Dayton’s Protector,” written over the heart. 

James Sercu gets a tattoo while behind him artist Will Eagle draws his 16th tattoo of the day at Drawing Dayton Together.
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Dayton themed tattoos have become popular across the city since the mass shooting in the Oregon District last month. People are getting Gem City designs, Dayton Strong ink, the shape of the state with a star where the city lies.

oregon district, ned peppers
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A national survey conducted after last month’s mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso found more than three-quarters of Americans report feeling stressed by the possibility of another mass shooting, and a third of Americans say fear of a mass shooting, “prevents them from going to certain places and events.”

The American Psychological Association survey on stress and mass shootings, conducted online by The Harris Poll, questioned more than 2,000 people between August 8 and August 12.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley appeared on stage at the Gem City Shine benefit show.
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Thousands of people were in downtown Dayton Sunday for comedian Dave Chappelle's Gem City Shine benefit show. 

Chappelle and the city of Dayton organized the recently announced concert to raise money for The Dayton Foundation’s Oregon District Tragedy Fund, and help hard-hit Oregon District businesses recover after the Aug. 4 attack. 


John Everett, a Carillon Historical Park volunteer, umpires a game between the Carillon Clodbusters and the Hall of Fame 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings in early August. The Clodbusters play again this Sunday, August 25, at Carillon Historical Park.
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Professional baseball is celebrating its 150th anniversary this summer, and the pro game has its roots here in Southwest Ohio. 

In 1869, The Cincinnati Red Stockings were America’s first and only pro team. They toured the country playing amateur clubs. Baseball was different then, and tougher. It was played barehanded. There were no gloves, no stadiums, no peanuts and cracker jacks.

Andy Grimm

Crowds are expected in Courthouse Square Sunday for the sixth-annual “Rally For Recovery,” an event promoting recovery from addiction. The rally is hosted by the nonprofit advocacy group FOA Families of Addicts.

FOA Executive Director Anita Kitchen says last year’s rally was attended by more than 3,000 people.

This year's event, she says, will have a broader Dayton focus.

Reach Out hosts a free medical clinic for the uninsured and underinsured at the AME Chapel in Yellow Springs every Tuesday from 4:30 to 6:30.
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Yellow Springs is now home to a free medical clinic. And while the clinic is only open two hours a week, the free care is going a long way for some people in Greene County.

It’s 4:30 on a Tuesday, and the free medical clinic at the AME Chapel in Yellow Springs just opened.

Charles Browder Jr. was first in line. He came in hopes of getting medication for his high blood pressure and arthritis.

“They took me in,” Browder says. “They took my vitals and everything, got me my prescriptions that I needed.”

The Bridges family drove over an hour to place nine teddy bears on the memorial in the Oregon District, one for each of the victims who lost their lives.
Jason Reynolds / WYSO

It’s been a week since a 24-year-old gunman shot and killed nine people in Dayton’s Oregon District, leaving more than two dozen other people injured.

And, the district was busy this weekend with crowds of people lining up to pay their respects at a makeshift memorial to the victims.

The sidewalk memorial of photos, flower bouquets, cards and candles outside the nightclub where the shooting happened grows bigger every day. Hanging above it is a graffiti mural reading “Dayton Strong” in red and blue bubble letters and hearts.