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President Trump has a complicated financial history. When he was running for president in 2016 he refused to release his tax returns. Presidential candidates who are interested in providing some transparency regarding their financial records will usually disclose such information. He said he could not release his tax returns because they were under audit but that he would release them eventually. That was three years ago and he continues to block any efforts to have that information revealed.

Wally Lamb returned to the program for his third visit in 2003. Wally is one of those fortunate writers who has had books chosen to be featured by Oprah's Book Club. Writers used to pray that Oprah would pick one of their books. She picked Wally Lamb twice. Ever since he had that good fortune Wally Lamb has been returning the favor by performing good works and acts of charity. For many years he has been teaching writing classes for women at a prison in Connecticut.

Jane Kleeb believes the Democratic Party has a serious problem and if they remain unwilling to recognize it and attempt to fix it they stand little chance of regaining a US Senate majority or even getting another candidate elected to the White House. The problem as Kleeb sees it is this: the Democrats have written off rural voters. Their national candidates can hardly be bothered to campaign in rural areas. Rural voters feel marginalized and ignored as a result. Kleeb knows what she is talking about, she's the head of the Democratic Party in the very rural state of Nebraska.

If you have been listening to the show for a number of years you might have observed that I am intrigued by our former president Richard M. Nixon. I collect Nixon stuff. People who know me understand that if they possess memorabilia related to Nixon, material I refer to as Nixonia, then they have found a guaranteed way to impress me.

Twenty years ago I had the pleasure to meet Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. She was on book tour for her book "The Social Lives of Dogs: The Grace of Canine Company" and she came out to our studios in Yellow Springs to talk to me about it on the radio.

Her previous book "The Hidden Life of Dogs" had been a surprise best seller. If you love dogs you will hopefully savor this interview. This was my one and only opportunity to talk to her and we had so much fun that day. I'll give this book and this conversation my highest possible rating. Woof!

During the mid 1960's if you turned on your television set to watch national news programs you really only had three options; CBS, NBC, or ABC. Later in the decade PBS was created and then you had four network choices but prior to the arrival of cable TV at the end of that decade those were your only TV channels for obtaining news of the world.

Some of my favorite interviews have come about in strange ways. Let me give you one example: About 20 years ago I got an interview with my radio idol, the late Studs Terkel. This is how it happened: one day I got a phone call at the station. An author I know was calling to say that she was on her way from New Orleans to Chicago and had stopped in Yellow Springs. She wondered if I could come downtown? She wanted to introduce me to somebody. That somebody was her boyfriend.

When I was in the fourth grade I received a Webster's Dictionary as a birthday present. I had asked for it and was so delighted to receive it. I spent the next year reading it. I have been a dictionary lover ever since.

2002 was the breakout year for the humorist Bruce Cameron. The previous year he had finally gotten his first book published and in 2002 as "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: And other tips from a beleaguered father [not that any of them work]" was coming out in paperback he was on a roll. Bruce was coming through Dayton to honor the late Erma Bombeck when I caught up with him. The book was being developed for a television pilot which then became a TV series and he was definitely on his way to fame and riches.

Andy Martin spent a year shadowing the best-selling author Lee Child. Child allowed Martin to watch him as he was writing another one of his novels in the blockbuster series that features Jack Reacher. He sat there like a fly on the wall as Child typed away in his apartment which overlooks Central Park. He went out to eat with Child. He encountered Lee Child's fans. He gives us an up close and personal view of the man behind these popular books. He even reveals this nervous author who was concerned his book would not go straight to Number One on the best-seller list.