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Best of the Book Nook: Tantrika: Traveling the Road of Divine Love, by Asra Q. Nomani

Vick Mickunas' 2003 interview with Asra Q. Nomani

Over the 26 years that I have been interviewing authors I have come to realize that one can never predict what to expect when I engage in these dialogues. I never know where the conversational flow could go. This interview with Asra Q. Nomani is a good example of what I'm talking about. The subject of her book, tantric sex, was certainly an unusual topic. Our discussion meandered along some circuitous trails until we got to Pakistan. The author had lived there just a couple of years before we had this conversation. That was right after 9/11. Nomani was back in her hometown in West Virginia when we did this interview by telephone.

Daniel Pearl was a close friend of hers and a colleague at the Wall Street Journal. He was in Pakistan, too. She had seen him just a few days before Pearl got lured into supposedly doing an interview with a shadowy figure. It was a trap. He got abducted, then murdered. When he went missing Asra Q. Nomani went through the agony of wondering what had become of him and after his fate was revealed she got involved in an organization created to honor his memory.

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Vick Mickunas introduced the Book Nook author interview program for WYSO in 1994. Over the years he has produced more than 1500 interviews with writers, musicians, poets, politicians, and celebrities. Listen to the Book Nook with Vick Mickunas for intimate conversations about books with the writers who create them. Vick Mickunas reviews books for the Dayton Daily News and the Springfield News Sun.