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"I thought she would leave, but then she went one step further... she took the turkey on Thanksgiving! (WYSO Weekend)

Jerry Kenney

Host Jerry Kenney brings you the latest features from WYSO producers and interviews from around the Miami Valley.

Today from the Ohio Newsroom with Alejandro Figueroa: Studies show immigrant families are at a higher risk of food insecurity. Now, more food banks across Ohio are trying to serve their changing communities with cultural-specific foods. For the Ohio Newsroom, Alejandro Figueroa reports.

And speaking of food….. Youth Radio Holiday Encore: As families prepare for the Thanksgiving Holiday, we’re going to play one of our favorite stories from Dayton Youth Radio. It was produced in 2018 when Youth Radio Producer Madrid Joy was a junior at Stivers School for the Arts. It's about a family Thanksgiving that she will never forget. Here's Dayton Youth Radio Project Manager, Basim Blunt to introduce the story.
*This story was produced back in 2018, if you’d like to hear more from this series visit www.wyso.org. Dayton Youth Radio is produced at the Eichelberger Center for Community Voices at WYSO.

History Makes You Stronger: Artist Lelia Byron makes public murals and installations all around the world. Before she begins each project, she interviews people in the community. She did this with the people in Springfield - specifically asking about the many meanings of home. Culture Couch producer David Seitz tells us the story of one painting and one family’s history in Black Springfield.

And a little bit more about food…. well, energy and food….. Solar Grazing: Ohio is among the top states in the nation for renewable energy development. This year alone the state has approved over two dozen utility-scale solar farms. As more projects go in, some solar companies and livestock farmers are looking to work together. WYSO’s Alejandro Figueroa reports how those partnerships could benefit some farmers.

The Call of the Wild: Our program wraps today with Bird Note and Bill Felker’s Poor Will’s Almanack.

Jerry began volunteering at WYSO in 1991 and hosting Sunday night's Alpha Rhythms in 1992. He joined the YSO staff in 2007 as Morning Edition Host, then All Things Considered. He's hosted Sunday morning's WYSO Weekend since 2008 and produced several radio dramas and specials . In 2009 Jerry received the Best Feature award from Public Radio News Directors Inc., and was named the 2023 winner of the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors Best Anchor/News Host award. His current, heart-felt projects include the occasional series Bulletin Board Diaries, which focuses on local, old-school advertisers and small business owners. He has also returned as the co-host Alpha Rhythms.<br/>