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WYSO Weekend: May 10, 2015

WYSO Weekend

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: Filmmaker Alexandra Hidalgo has produced a feature length documentary about four immigrant women living in the U.S.  We’ll talk to her about the film Vanishing Borders.  We’ll also hear from a comedian who calls himself Squishy Man—to find out how he got that name and how he weaves the issue of mental illness into his comedy routine.  And Antioch College President, Mark Roosevelt, talk about some major funding that's come through for the college, and his decision to leave at the end of the year.  Full program details below.

  • On Tuesday, Antioch College announced it had received two large grants totaling 7 million dollars. And Antioch College President, Mark Roosevelt also announced that he would be leaving the college after his contract expired in Deecember of this year.  I spoke to him this week about both announcements.
  • And next Friday at Antioch College there will be a community workshop for young people of color.  Next on WW, Community Voices producer, Basim Blunt speaks with the organizers of the event.
  • Next week, a free screening of the new documentary film, Vanishing Borders will take place at the Madden Hills Library in Dayton.  The film gives viewers a look into the lives of four immigrant women living in New York City and transforming their communities.   Then after the film, director and producer, Alexandra Hidalgo, will discuss the documentary with author Katrina Kittle and member of the audience. In this interview with Hidalgo, she tells us how she spent two years putting the film together. *Vanishing Borders will screen at the Madden Hills Library in Dayton on May 16th. The event is free and open to the public. If you missed any part of this interview, you can listen to it a wyso.org
  • This year WYSO and Tecumseh Land Trust sponsored Living on the Land, an essay contest inviting writers of all ages to reflect on what home and land mean to them.  This week, we hear from two Yellow Springs students.  Up first, Izabella Krause, who won an honorable mention for her essay, "From My Perch." Then, we'll hear from the grand prize winner, Sumayah Chapelle. To read more of the essays, visit our website, wyso dot org.
  • Kevin Barber aka Squishy Man is a former Psychotherapist who now uses comedy to talk about mental health issues. He’ll perform at the Little Art Theatre on May 14th. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the event is sponsored by NAMI Yellow Springs – the National Alliance on Mental Illness. In a conversation with Squishy Man earlier this week I found out what his name means and how he got it.
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