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Yellow Springs looking at Springfield to supply the village water

The city of Springfield is close to reaching an agreement to supply water to Yellow Springs. The city is prepared to start the arrangement this summer.

An aging water treatment plant has prompted the village of Yellow Springs to look for a better way to supply water to its residents. The town's council is weighing concerns about water quality, costs and control when it comes to closing its treatment plant and entering into an agreement with Springfield to supply water.

Springfield Service Director Chris Moore believes that the water the city would supply to Yellow Springs is safe and will remain that way.

"We have monitoring wells testing the source water coming through the wells to make sure that it is the quality that we want and to make sure that we have our treatment processes working in such a way to give us the end result we are looking for," Moore said.

Yellow Springs would connect to Springfield's water supply near the Springfield Airport. Moore says the engineering plans aren't final, but it's pretty basic what will happen.

"It's a matter of running a pipe from point A to point B. And that seems simple, but then when you start getting into the details of making sure that the water makes it through the pipe the way everybody would like it to and the water is distributed around the village the way the village would like it to, those are some of the details that have to be worked out," Moore said.

It's believed that water coming from Springfield will be cheaper for Yellow Springs residents.

But the Council has approved a $15,000 study to review what it will cost to fix the town's water plant and hopes to have a plan in place before July.