Tod Weidner

Host - The Jewel Case

A lifelong Miami Valley resident, Tod Weidner grew up in Ludlow Falls before moving to Dayton in the early 1990s. Tod graduated from Milton-Union High School and Sinclair Community College, and also attended the Columbus College Of Art & Design until his scholarship ran out and he moved home to pursue the lucrative career of a struggling musician. Tod has been heavily involved in the Dayton Music Scene for over 20 years, as both a solo performer and a member of such bands as The Motel Beds, Shrug, The American Static, and Set The Controls, to name just a few. When he's not playing, listening to, or reading about music, Tod keeps busy by fixing up his house, where he and his wife Patrice live under the strict and watchful authority of their two cats, Mikey and Joey.

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. This week's theme is "Joy In Repetition"- we'll be spinning songs with repeating words in the titles. How many can you name? More than you think, I bet. It's gonna be neat neat neat.

This week's theme? Glad you asked. It's MONKEY BUSINESS; two hours of songs about monkeys, orangutans, gorillas...apes of all varieties- maybe even some damned dirty ones. Grab a banana and meet us at 91.3 WYSO.

Calling all units- this week's theme is "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream"; we'll be spinning songs about sleep and dreams (with a few nightmares thrown in just to keep things interesting). Cheap Trick to Hoagy Carmichael, Irene Kral to the Electric Prunes, Lightnin' Hopkins to Joni Mitchell.

This week's theme is a fun one: "SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED"- we'll be spinning tunes about shakin' and gettin' shook from experts in the field, such as Harry Belafonte, Wanda Jackson, the Stooges, Peter Gabriel...even the King. Secure your valuables, roll back the rug, and shake with us.

 Our theme this time around is "Rebels (With and Without a Cause)". We'll be covering songs about rebellions big and small with everyone from Bikini Kill to Johnny Cash to Groucho Marx. Yup- you read that right. 

Lace up, friends. This week's theme is SOLE POWER; we'll be spinning tunes about shoes, boots, slippers, sneakers...all your favorite footwear, with tunes from The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to Run-DMC and back again, all broken in and ready to wear. Are you ready, boots? Start walkin'.

Ain't nobody here but us chickens. And ducks. And turkeys. And maybe a few pigeons, peacocks, and ostriches. This week's theme is FOWL PLAY- songs about all of the above and maybe even a few more. We're gonna have ourselves a fowl ball, and it won't be the same without you, so tune in, won't you?

How you doin' out there? Bearing up ok? Lots of good sounds in store this time around as we try to make the best of a weird, scary situation. Our theme this week is SOCIAL DISTANCING- we'll be spinning songs about staying in and keeping to one's self with tracks from Chet Baker to the Statler Brothers to Etta James to Bad Brains, and much more. "Alone" doesn't have to mean "lonely", you know. Let's all be alone together.

All aboard the Night Train. This very night we embark upon a WHIRLWIND TOUR. We'll be taking a look at songs that list cities and places, of which there a LOT: Animaniacs to Zeppelin, and many, many in between. We'll be logging some serious miles, and you don't even have to leave your chair. Unless you want to dance, that is.

This week we're taking a musical look at HEAVEN & HELL, with an hour given to each realm (in the interest of fair time). Nina Simone, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, the Meat Puppets and many more will be your tour guides, so dress in layers and, uh...let's stick togethe, OK? It'll be a wild ride.