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'Anti-Monopoly' Initiative May Negate Marijuana Amendment

Lawmakers scrapped Gov. Kasich's proposal that would have given schools less money.
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Ohio Statehouse

The state’s election chief is warning Ohio voters there may be confusion ahead in November, though no issues have officially made the fall ballot yet.


The ResponsibleOhio marijuana legalization amendment could be on the ballot at the same time as a measure that would prohibit businesses from creating amendments that give them economic benefits - just like the amendment from ResponsibleOhio does. Secretary of State Jon Husted says if what’s being called “the anti-monopoly” amendment gets more votes, it will negate the marijuana initiative.


“That is the complicating matter – how our constitution is being amended and, in my opinion, being abused,” Husted said.

A statement from ResponsibleOhio notes most elected leaders’ opposition to its plan. And of the monopoly amendment, the statement says, “This anti-voter amendment makes clear that if lawmakers had their way, they would trump the will of the people.”