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WYSO Morning News Update: July 19, 2022

Headshot of Jeffrey Mims Jr. as he speaks into a black microphone. Mims is a city commissioner and long-time community leader who is running in the Dayton mayoral race.
Commissioner Jeffrey Mims Jr. is throwing his hat into the Dayton mayoral race. He is a city commissioner and long-time community mentor to Dayton's Black youth.

Your WYSO Morning News Update for July 19, 2022, with Chris Welter:

  • College Hill Town Hall 
    (WYSO) - Last night, a group called the Clergy Community Coalition held a town hall meeting in West Dayton with Premier Health CEO Micheal Riordan. The meeting gave some community members a chance to express their concerns about Premier’s plans for the site where Good Samaritan Hospital once stood.
  • Dayton Mayor going to Harvard
    (WYSO) - Jeff Mims is one of forty US mayors participating in the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. The program is taught by Harvard professors. Mims will learn about equitable growth, economic development, affordable housing, transportation and more.
  • Yellow Springs art building added to register 
    (WYSO) - The Antioch College Fine Arts Building in Yellow Springs has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Fine Arts building was constructed in 1972 by famed architect Doug Michels. Michaels was a founding member of Ant Farm, the radical art and design collective of the late 1960's and '70s known for its critique of mass media and consumerism.
  • WYSO teaming up with DML for "Tiny Stacks"
    (WYSO) - Inspired by NPR’s "Tiny Desk Concerts", the Dayton Metro library will bring in music groups to perform at three of their branches in the coming months. They are calling it "Tiny Stacks".
  • Ever heard of a corpse flower?
    (WYSO) - The Cincinnati Zoo has one of the world’s largest and rarest flowers and it’s almost ready to bloom. The bloom is significant because it takes seven to ten years for a corpse flower to gather enough energy to begin the bloom cycle. It will only last for two or three days. The reason it’s called a corpse flower is because it stinks. The bloom is said to smell like a combination of cheese, garlic, rotting fish, and smelly feet. The smell is a reproductive strategy: the plant is trying to attract the bugs that pollinate it (who usually like to eat decaying meat).
  • Free record sealing clinic next week
    (WYSO) - The Dayton Metro Library will host a program next week to help people seal their criminal records. Sealing records makes it more difficult for the public to access them. Volunteer lawyers will be on hand to answer questions and give people the documents they need to seal their records. Make an appointment.
Chris Welter is the Managing Editor at The Eichelberger Center for Community Voices at WYSO.

Chris got his start in radio in 2017 when he completed a six-month training at the Center for Community Voices. Most recently, he worked as a substitute host and the Environment Reporter at WYSO.
Desmond Winton-Finklea, an avid listener to NPR, is WYSO’s Marketing & Social Media Manager. He oversees marketing and communications for platforms, including its websites, apps, streams, emails and social media accounts. Desmond has attended Central State University and the International College of Broadcasting. Hired directly out of school, he began working for Dayton-area television stations as a multimedia specialist and an editor of video, audio and digital content. Desmond aims to use his plethora of experience and knowledge to expand WYSO’s digital presence.