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For the second year in a row, the University of Dayton's Human Rights Center, it's campus ministry and a law school advocacy group will hold a candlelight vigil Tuesday night in Hamilton focusing on human rights abuses.

The Oakwood City Council heard residents' comments in response to recent allegations of racial bias in police traffic stops.
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A regularly scheduled Oakwood City Council Monday night addressed a recent report alleging Oakwood Police pull over a disproportionate number of black drivers. The nonprofit legal-aid firm Advocates for Basic Legal Equality report also raises concerns about police officers running license plate checks on black drivers.

University of Dayton Criminal Justice Professor Martha Hurley, one of the report's authors, says it points to the possibility black drivers are being targeted.

Thousands fill Fifth St. in the quater-mile stretch of business and entertainment venues of the Oregon District for a vigil honoring the victims of the August mass shooting.
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Students at the University of Dayton plan to rally Friday, Oct. 4 in favor of gun reform. Organizers say they coordinated the campus protest to mark the two-month anniversary of Dayton’s deadly August mass shooting that killed nine people and injured another three dozen others.

Student organizer Cierra Stewart says she wants lawmakers to strengthen background checks and tighten firearm-sales regulations.

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Dozens of University of Dayton students took part in today’s Global Climate Strike, joining thousands of other young people around the world.

Students gathered at UD’s Kennedy Union Fountain this afternoon to promote environmental sustainability and urge politicians to take action against climate change.

Senior Anthony Lapham was one of several students waiting in line to sign a sustainability pledge at the event.

Demonstrators at the 2010 Cancun Climate Summit.
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Some Dayton activists are preparing to participate in Friday’s Global Climate Strike. The international demonstration is meant to call attention to climate change and prompt political action to mitigate its effects.

The movement was created by students in cities around the world.

Dayton Climate Strike event coordinator Logan Martinez says organizers hope it’s the start of a longterm campaign for environmental sustainability in the Miami Valley.  

oregon district, ned peppers
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A national survey conducted after last month’s mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso found more than three-quarters of Americans report feeling stressed by the possibility of another mass shooting, and a third of Americans say fear of a mass shooting, “prevents them from going to certain places and events.”

The American Psychological Association survey on stress and mass shootings, conducted online by The Harris Poll, questioned more than 2,000 people between August 8 and August 12.

Wright Memorial Library has hosted workshops designed to train community members to moderate their own conversations involving people with conflicting political opinions.
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With the political battles for the White House and Congress already heating up months ahead of 2020, so is the partisan bickering. A new training program in Dayton aims to help people avoid such political disagreements in their own lives.

It was inspired by a documentary film called American Creed featuring people from the left and the right sitting down together to discuss what it means to be an American today. Dayton organizers hope to spark the same sort of conversations around the Miami Valley this election season. 


Music Director John Neely leads the Bach Society and the University of Dayton Chorale in their rehearsal for St. Matthew Passion, which retells the story of Jesus' capture, trial, and crucifixion from the Book of Matthew.
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Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday is this Sunday, March 31st, and the Bach Society of Dayton will be performing one of his masterworks, a piece called St. Matthew Passion.

It’s been billed as “the most significant choral composition in classical music,” and with good reason.

An immigrant-rights vigil will be held at the Butler County Correctional Complex, part of which is contracted to ICE.
UD Human Rights

Immigrant advocates, Dayton faith leaders, University of Dayton students and faculty are expected to gather Monday night for a candlelight immigration vigil outside the Butler County Correctional Complex in Hamilton. Part of the jail complex is used by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE. 

The midterm elections are November 6 and WYSO has been traveling around the Miami Valley talking to would-be voters.

Today, we hear from students on the University of Dayton campus. Many of them are eligible to vote for the first time this year, and they’re thinking a lot about the candidates and issues that matter most to them as they head to the polls. 

Here's some of what they had to say:

"The First and Second Amendments. We need to protect those. And also our country, just in general, supporting traditional values."