Issue 2 - The Redistricting Amendment - Fails Big

Both the statewide issues failed. Issue 1 would have convened a constitutional convention, and state lawmakers were hoping it wouldn’t pass so they could continue with an appointed commission which will make recommendations on changes to the constitution. And Issue 2 would have taken the power to draw the maps for state and federal lawmakers out of legislators’ hands and put it with a 12-member citizens’ panel.

Opponents of the redistricting amendment – the Ohio Republican Party, along with business and socially conservative groups – raised more than 7 million dollars to fight it. Coalition spokesman Carlo LoParo says everyone agrees that the map drawing process can be improved, and this complicated and convoluted issue didn’t do it.

“The voters took a look at the issue and decided it’s not a better solution than the current plan. If we improve the system, we should at least improve the part of the system that everybody has a concern with,” says LoParo.

Issue 2 was backed by Democrats and union groups. Spokesman Brian Rothenberg says the other side ran a deceptive campaign, but it wasn’t a waste.

“They admitted there is a problem with the system. And the day will come when people will have a voice in their government again,” says Rothenberg.

Rothenberg says now Issue 2’s supporters will pressure lawmakers to have conversations on how to change redistricting now, and not wait till the next maps are drawn.