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Beavercreek Passes Moratorium on Medical Marijuana

On Monday, the Beavercreek city council passed a six-month ban on medical marijuana. The ordinance prohibits the city from granting any permits to grow, process, or sell marijuana until January. It doesn’t ban the use of medical marijuana at home.


This comes after the state legalized medical marijuana last month. The state law goes into effect in September of this year. It does allow city and township governments to restrict, or even ban, the growing or sale of medical marijuana in their borders. It also prohibits growing marijuana at home, and allows employers to fire people who use it at work.


The language of Beavercreek’s ordinance makes it clear that this ban won’t last forever. It’s intended to give the city time to research marijuana regulations before passing more permanent ones.  

The city council instructed the mayor and city manager to begin that research immediately.

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