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Sanders To Continue Push To Win Delegates In Ohio

Bernie Sanders is ramping up his campaign in Ohio
Phil Roeder
Flickr/Creative Commons

Presidential candidates are making a big push to win Ohio and its large share of delegates—and Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders faces a tough battle in the state. His rival Hillary Clinton is ahead in the overall delegate count, and polls show she could win the Ohio Democratic primary again, as she did in 2008. Sanders won narrowly in Michigan's March 8 primary, while Clinton took the overwhelming majority of Mississippi delegates.

But Sanders says his strategy to crack down on trade deals that send jobs out of the country will resonate with Ohio voters.

"When you see factories shut down, communities decimated...you see people who used to make middle class wages now working at McDonald’s or Burger King for starvation wages...I do believe that will impact the people.”

One way to create 13 million new, high-paying jobs, according to Sanders, is to rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure.