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Springfield NAACP President Reacts To Spokane Racial Identity Issue

The head of Springfield's NAACP is responding to the resignation of Spokane chapter president Rachel Dolezal.  The Spokane NAACP leader quit due to a widely-publicized controversy over her racial identity.

Dolezal resigned Monday after her parents, both of whom are white, claimed their daughter had lied about being black. They  supplied pictures detailing how their daughter had physically changed over the years to appear darker.

Springfield NAACP President Denise Williams, stated that race isn't a criteria for leadership in the NAACP.

"She didn't need to identify herself as being black in order to hold that position. That's not how the NAACP operates," Williams said. "We want someone who is going to be committed and devoted to the community."

Williams feels that it's a waste of time trying to focus on why Dolezal tried to pass herself off as black.

"We got bigger fish to fry than to sit and talk through her issues," Williams said.

In her written resignation, Dolezal offers no reason why she identified herself as black, but indicated that there is more to the story.