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WYSO Evening News Update: Local elementary school opens food pantry for students; Invasive species of worms found in Ohio

A food pantry
Brave Heart
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This program is one of several Dayton Public Schools uses to feed students.

Your WYSO Evening News Update for May 18, 2022, with Jerry Kenny:

  • DPS food pantry
    (WYSO) — Dayton Public School officials held a grand opening for a new food pantry today. Edison Elementary is now the first school in the district to have a pantry that’s available for students and their families.
  • Invasive worm spotted in Ohio
    (Columbus Dispatch) — An invasive species of worms has been spotted in Ohio. The Ohio State University Extension in Trumbull County says a resident spotted a Hammerhead worm on their lawn. They have also been spotted in Darke County. The Worm can be up to a foot long and has a crescent-shaped head, similar to a hammerhead shark. The worms eat snails, slugs, and earthworms. They do produce a neurotoxin to help them eat their prey, which can cause irritation if touched with bare hands. You should not cut the worm in half because they can reproduce asexually into two worms. Instead, the OSU Extension recommends using salt or rubbing alcohol to kill the worm.
  • COVID-19 Treatments
    (Ideastream) — Although Ohio's COVID-19 rates are staying relatively low, state health officials would like people to know there are treatments available to avoid severe reactions or hospitalization. In a press conference Wednesday, OhioHealth's Dr. Joe Gastaldo said those treatment options are monoclonal antibodies and antiviral medications. "They are really for anybody, regardless of their vaccination status, who has a high-risk conditions," Dr, Gastaldo said. "When you look at the collection of high-risk conditions, there are things on there we are all very familiar with, like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease." Physical inactivity, neurological conditions, disabilities, and substance abuse disorders can also make a person higher risk and eligible for one of these treatments. Ohio Department of Health's Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff says you should talk to your doctor about what treatment might be right for you. There is a short window of time that a person can take the treatments, and an Ideastream Public Media report found some eligible people weren't being prescribed the medications because providers weren't familiar with them.
Jerry began volunteering at WYSO in 1991 and hosting Sunday night's Alpha Rhythms in 1992. He joined the YSO staff in 2007 as Morning Edition Host, then All Things Considered. He's hosted Sunday morning's WYSO Weekend since 2008 and produced several radio dramas and specials . In 2009 Jerry received the Best Feature award from Public Radio News Directors Inc., and was named the 2023 winner of the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors Best Anchor/News Host award. His current, heart-felt projects include the occasional series Bulletin Board Diaries, which focuses on local, old-school advertisers and small business owners. He has also returned as the co-host Alpha Rhythms.
Desmond Winton-Finklea, an avid listener to NPR, is WYSO’s Marketing & Social Media Manager. He oversees marketing and communications for platforms, including its websites, apps, streams, emails and social media accounts. Desmond has attended Central State University and the International College of Broadcasting. Hired directly out of school, he began working for Dayton-area television stations as a multimedia specialist and an editor of video, audio and digital content. Desmond aims to use his plethora of experience and knowledge to expand WYSO’s digital presence.