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M Ross Perkins, Poptek Records Artists To Perform At Springfield's IndieCraft


IndieCraft is a new celebration of music, food, and craft beer in the heart of downtown Springfield.  Two of the featured performers, M Ross Perkins and XL427's Andy Ingram made a return visit to the WYSO studios for a live acoustic set on Excursions ahead of the event.  

IndieCraft is Friday, May 17 at Mother Stewart's Brewery and Hatch Studios in downtown Springfield.  Learn more below or at: https://www.facebook.com/events/324124668304697/

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Born a Hoosier, but only living there in spurts, Niki Dakota spent much of her young life moving around the United States with her archeologist mother. Throughout these years, there was always a ukulele somewhere close at hand. By the time the family settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ms. Dakota found herself in pursuit of professional music-making as she headed-up the Alterna-Folk band, Plow On Boy. In the course of her first live radio interview to promote the band, Niki’s keen excitedness manifest itself in extreme chattiness. At the conclusion of the segment, the DJ closed the mic and said, “You need to be in radio."  That was in 1990.