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Crazy Joe: The Doctor Is In.

Christopher Bell

This Saturday, April 6th at Canal St. Tavern in Dayton, Ohio, Crazy Joe will be releasing his brand new album entitled "The Doctor is In." The show gets underway at 9:30pm. The album features such songs as "You're Wasted," "Please Don't Call Me," "You're an H-Bomb," and "The Last Ten Years With You."

Crazy Joe AKA Joe Tritschler is an instructor for the department of biomedical, industrial, and human factors engineering at Wright State University in the college of engineering and computer science. The new album was recorded on a one inch 8-track analog tape machine. He built the entire studio in his home (with the exception of the 8-track) that the new album was recorded on. The Doctor is In will be available on vinyl with a digital download available inside the album.

For more information about Crazy Joe and the new album, visit on the web at www.crazyjoe.org

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