The Jewel Case

Thursday, 8-11pm

A weekly celebration of all manner of musical goodness: deep cuts, forgotten treasures, and curiosities. Plus, a new theme each show spanning all genres, eras and locales.

This week, our theme is nothing. No, really- we'll be spinning tunes about nothing, nowhere, nobody, nada, zip, zilch. Mose Allison to the Blues Magoos, Marlene Dietrich to Brainiac, for gosh sakes. It's going to be a ride, I'm telling you. Listen with us, won't you? We'll have something for you, regardless of your belief system, even if it's NOSSINK.

Make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand. This week's theme is "SOB STORIES". We'll be spinning a multitude of tearjerking tunes about crying (or trying not to). Elmore James. Dinah Washington. Van Halen. Pretenders. This suave gentleman below. Many, many more, as well. Let's get emotional.

We're paying tribute to "NUMBER BANDS"- bands and artists who feature numbers in their names. We'll be hearing from the Four Tops, the B-52s, MC5, and whole mess of others, but first...

It’s a special edition of the Jewel Case as I prepare to pull up stakes and head west to start the next chapter of my life in California. It’s bittersweet; I’m very excited for the change, but I’ll miss my WYSO and Dayton families- especially those of you who call in during the shows. I AM still continuing the show, though; I’ll be prerecording the show remotely and sending the episodes to WYSO for broadcast, same bat time, same bat channel. Hope you’ll continue to tune in, friends. I think the best might be yet to come.

People have the power. Our parent station, WYSO, is on the verge of independence and, on this Spring pledge drive, we need your help more than ever. With that in mind, our theme tonight is “FIRST PERSON PLURAL”- songs about “we” and “us”. So tune in and, if you please, join the WYSO family with a little monetary affection. We’ll certainly be glad you did, and so will you.

It's a super-concentrated 2-hour show. Our theme is “Turn That Frown Upside Down”- an hour of songs about smiling, grinning, etc. We figured you can’t have enough of that these days, right?

We're celebrating the return of GREEN to the Miami Valley after a long drab winter. We’ll be examining songs about yellow and blue’s love child, with tracks from everyone from the Kingston Trio to the Cramps.

This week's theme is "WHERE MY DOGS AT?"- we'll be celebrating all things canine, with songs about dogs from Lightnin' Hopkins to the Specials to Joni Mitchell to Flatt & Scruggs, so grab yourself your favorite chew toy and meet us at 91.3 WYSO on your Miami Valley FM dial, or stream us live at WYSO.org anywhere in the universe. We're gonna tear the woof off this sucker.

You'll be hearing double this evening, because our theme is "JOY IN REPETITION". We'll be spinning tunes with repeating words in the title, and the selections are coming from all over the musical map. But first...

Lace up your sneaks, this week's theme is CARDIO; we'll be spinning tunes about running, walking, jumping, etc. from a long list of folks- everyone from Loretta Lynn to Peter Tosh to Iron frickin' Maiden. We'll get our pulse rates up as we all try to keep up with Mick.