The Jewel Case

Thursday, 8-11pm

Your weekly musical multivitamin. Deep cuts. Old favorites. New favorites. Future favorites. All genres, all eras- it’s all fair game, from everywhere and everywhen, for everyone. 

This week, we’ll be saying goodbye to Johnny Mandel, Ennio Morricone, and Hachalu Handessa, giving birthday salutes to Bon Scott and a host of others, and just generally roaming ALL OVER the musical map: Buzzcocks, Peggy Lee, Bert Jansch, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Erykah Badu, Wes Montgomery, and a BUNCH more.

Lots of goodness on the agenda this week: X, Mongo Santamaria, Queen Ifrica, White Fence, Tom Waits, Charles Mingus, Mavis Staples, Lemmy’s musical life story, corpulent gentlemen, sketchy salesmen, recently departed glam rock bass players, a professor’s birthday...you get the idea. It’s gonna be a ride, and it’ll be even cooler if you’re along for it.

LOTS on the docket this week: we’ll kick it off with Fishbone, we’ll bid a fond adieu to Dame Vera Lynn, examine the Bo Diddley beat, confront our arachnophobia with the Who, salute bold soul sister Betty Davis, get heavy with Black Sabbath, stay on point with A Tribe Called Quest, swing by Pakistan to visit Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and much, much more. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been having oure little weekly get-togethers for over 4 ½ years now, isn’t it? With that in mind, I’ve felt the need to shake things up a little and make a change. Starting this week, we’ll no longer be doing big weekly themes. From here on out, the flow of the  show’s going to be a little more organic, with smaller mini-themes and threads sprinkled through the playlist- a leaner, cleaner, more maneuverable Jewel Case, if you will.

We at JC HQ acknowledge the massive debt we owe to Black Music artists; virtually all modern popular music can be traced to Black Music. This week, we’re devoting all three hours to Black artists performing songs of protest, civil rights, and social commentary. It’s a great lineup- everyone from the Staple Singers to Marian Anderson to Bad Brains to Max Roach to KRS-One, and tons more.

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. This week's theme is "Joy In Repetition"- we'll be spinning songs with repeating words in the titles. How many can you name? More than you think, I bet. It's gonna be neat neat neat.

This week's theme? Glad you asked. It's MONKEY BUSINESS; two hours of songs about monkeys, orangutans, gorillas...apes of all varieties- maybe even some damned dirty ones. Grab a banana and meet us at 91.3 WYSO.

Calling all units- this week's theme is "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream"; we'll be spinning songs about sleep and dreams (with a few nightmares thrown in just to keep things interesting). Cheap Trick to Hoagy Carmichael, Irene Kral to the Electric Prunes, Lightnin' Hopkins to Joni Mitchell.

This week's theme is a fun one: "SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED"- we'll be spinning tunes about shakin' and gettin' shook from experts in the field, such as Harry Belafonte, Wanda Jackson, the Stooges, Peter Gabriel...even the King. Secure your valuables, roll back the rug, and shake with us.

 Our theme this time around is "Rebels (With and Without a Cause)". We'll be covering songs about rebellions big and small with everyone from Bikini Kill to Johnny Cash to Groucho Marx. Yup- you read that right.