The Jewel Case

Thursday, 8-11pm

A weekly celebration of all manner of musical goodness: deep cuts, forgotten treasures, and curiosities. Plus, a new theme each show spanning all genres, eras and locales.

We've got some bones to pick with you as we examine tunes about BONES. Just giving the playlist a quick once-over, we're seeing the New Pornographers, Laurel Aitken, Fats Navarro, Dead Meadow...you don't have to be a doctor to know this is gonna be fun. Let's get skeletal.

This week's theme is "LET'S ROCK!"; songs aplenty about rocks, stones, pebbles, and such with folks like Robert Johnson, Karen Dalton, Shudder to Think, the Stanley Brothers, and the Undisputed Truth weighing in on the subject. A whole wheelbarrow full of others, as well. Solid.

It's a DOUBLE THEME! In Hours 2 and 3, we'll be spinning songs with YEARS in the title, in honor of our brand spankin' new one. As a bonus, we'll be devoting the majority of the first hour to the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the opening of Memphis Recording Service: Sam Phillips' legendary Sun Studios. We'll be playing some landmark tunes from the studio's history as well as a couple personal deep cuts. We're gonna get real, real gone for a change. We're gonna flat GET IT, cat.

Put on a pot of mud and tune for another edition of your weekly musical multivitamin, the Jewel Case. Our theme tonight is CAFFEINE; we'll be gettin' jittery with songs about coffee and tea from everyone from Scatman Crothers to Lefty Frizzell to Black Flag and who know who else. C'mon- you weren't gonna sleep, anyway.

We're B-A-C-K! Hope everyone had a good holiday. We'll be having a SPELLING BEE this week, spinning songs that spell out words in the lyrics, and I'm here to tell ya: it's gonna be a fun one,-all over the place in the best possible way, with Tammy Wynette to Motorhead, Nat "King" Cole to Devo. 

We're be celebrating a whole ton of birthdays and, of course, be celebrating this week's THEME: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". 2 hours of tunes about good stuff, bad stuff, and...well, you get get the idea. Brubeck, Elvis, Otis Rush, Rickie Lee Jones, Soundgarden...all sort of treats and surprises are in store, so saddle up. 

In Hour 1 alone, we'll be visiting Muscle Shoals, Chicago, Berlin, Queens, Louisiana, France, Belgium, Jamaica, and the UK (which has to be some kind of record). After THAT? Theme time. This week's theme is CRYPTOZOOLOGY: 2 hours of tunes about mythical beasts and mysterious critters from all over the map. Join the expedition. We'll leave the door unloched for you. Sorry- that was the best I could come up with at the moment.

This week, we revel in "SARTORIAL SPLENDOR". We'll be celebrating tunes about clothes and accessories- high AND low fashion- from everyone from Fred Astaire to Rancid to Fats Waller to the Hollies. The mods will be there. So will the rockers. So will the glitterati and the ragamuffins. How 'bout you? Dress up, dress down...whichever you choose.

This week's theme, in honor of that spookiest of holidays, is DEAD & UNDEAD- we'll be spinning tunes about ghosts, vampires, zombies, and such from Red Sovine to Marianne Faithfull to Outkast to the Misfits, with a multitude of stops in between, so stock up on garlic, stakes, incantations, baseball bats..."whatever gets you through the night" as a wise man once said. It'll be a scream.

Normally, we celebrate a theme in the last one or two hours of the show, but THIS week is a little bit different. For all three hours, I bring you my "Desert Island Mixtape": as many of my personal all-time favorite jams that would hypothetically fit on three C-60 cassettes, along with reasons why they made the cut.