Secrecy At The Dayton Development Coalition? WYSO's Lewis Wallace Talks To Lynn Hulsey

Mar 13, 2014

Jeff Hoagland, CEO of the Dayton Development Coalition, speaking at the coalition's 2014 annual event.
Credit Lewis Wallace / WYSO

This week on Under Construction we’re talking accountability: how are public funds for economic development spent and how are they tracked? Dayton Daily News investigative reporter Lynn Hulsey recently found the Dayton Development Coalition isn’t forthcoming with that information. The coalition, which is a nonprofit, funnels millions in government funds to local development projects.

She says $93 million has gone through the organization since 2004, about 60 percent of it public money. The coalition was the leader on the bid to make southwest Ohio one of six drone test sites for the FAA. Hulsey reports the coalition received $3.6 million towards that effort, which ultimately didn't succeed in winning the site for Ohio.

Her full report "Money, power flows to secretive group" was posted March 1, 2014. She also published a related story about large bonuses doled out to DDC leaders and a table tracking their compensation.

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