Book Nook: Necessary Assets, by James Ring

Jan 15, 2014

A terrorist has concocted a sinister plot to blow up "dirty bombs" in major American cities. If "The Engineer's" plans are not discovered and halted cities like New York and Boston could be rendered uninhabitable.

Retired FBI agent Mark Patrick is enjoying a comfortable life after serving a long career dealing with organized crime. When he is contacted by a criminal syndicate that wants to pass along information about some suspicious shipments he is not too pleased. But he knows wherein his duty lies.

This marks the prelude to a full-out effort by the FBI and other agencies to prevent terrorist attacks that seem very real and utterly possible. In his first novel "Necessary Assets" the author, former FBI agent James Ring, has penned a pulsating thriller that will have readers tearing through the pages to find out how this will all end. The author is currently writing the sequel.