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Book Nook: 'Don't Turn Around' by Harry Dolan

a book cover of the book don't turn around by harry dolan

A serial killer, a true crime writer, and a true crime podcaster collide.

Harry Dolan returned to the program to talk about his latest thriller. This stand-alone novel opens with a young girl encountering a serial killer. She stumbles upon a murder victim and as she is looking down at the body she hears someone saying to her "don't turn around." So creepy. The serial killer was speaking to her and he then haunts her for the rest of the story. Dolan is a wickedly clever plotter — I have always enjoyed his work.

Bonus segment

"The Voyage" Robert MacNeil

the book cover for the book "the voyage" by robert macneil

In 1995 Robert MacNeil made his only appearance on the program to discuss his second novel "The Voyage." The previous week he had retired from hosting the MacNeil/Lehrer Report on PBS. That was a newsworthy time in Dayton. The day after he appeared on the show the diplomats who ultimately negotiated the Dayton Peace Accords began arriving at Wright Patterson Air Force Base just down the road from our studios.

We talked about this historic event that was just commencing and his long career as a journalist. We also discussed his retirement and his new occupation as a novelist. He gave a fascinating account of the day in November of 1963 when he had been riding on the press bus in Dallas in the motorcade that carried President John F. Kennedy. An assassin's bullet was fired from the upper floors of the Texas Book Depository. MacNeil heard the gunfire and got off the bus to try to locate a pay
phone. He entered the lobby of the book depository. A young man was just leaving the building, MacNeil asked him where he might locate a phone? Things were happening so fast he didn't really remember the young man's face. Later on it was shown through the investigation that the man he had encountered that day apparently fleeing the building was the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, who not too many minutes after that chance encounter went on to murder a police officer, as well.

Robert MacNeil died in April. He was 93.

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