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Wright State Students Protest University Financial Decisions

April Laissle

Wright State University students gathered today to protest recent financial decisions at the school.

Students and faculty members stood near the quad at the University holding signs that spelled out the word “accountability.” It’s a term that was central to their protest today, according to Wright State student Carly Perkins.

“There have been so many budget issues that have happened here on our campus," said Perkins. "And we just want someone to come forward and be honest about that. We just want them to know that we’re watching.”

Wright State has been dealing with a financial dilemma that has caused program cuts and faculty layoffs. More than 150 employees have taken voluntary retirement packages. Professor Andrea Harris says the administration has not been transparent.
“As of last Spring term for example, faculty were told 'your jobs are safe,there’s nothing to worry about. Everything is okay'," said Harris. "Two weeks ago we were told 'by the way, we’re going to start cutting faculty positions as well'.”
Student Joshua Keeton says the school’s decision to back out of hosting the first presidential debate has compounded student and faculty frustrations.
"It’s just one of many decisions that they’ve made to throw money away," said Keeton. "And now classes and faculty and students are having to pay the price.”


The university declined to comment on tape but in a statement, a spokesperson said Wright State encourages student and faculty input. It also said recent budgetary decisions have “not been easy and future difficult decisions remain.”