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Kasich Explains Plans To Balance Federal Budget

Kasich for America
Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Gov. John Kasich delivered his first major policy speech since the launch of his campaign for the Republican nomination for president.


Kasich told supporters in New Hampshire Thursday that he’ll balance the federal budget within eight years in a plan that includes tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy.


“To balance a budget, you need economic growth while at the same time you manage your spending," he said. "Both of them lead us to a balanced budget, which ultimately can lead us to a place where we begin to pay down our national debt.”

Kasich’s campaign predicts that economic growth sparked by the tax cuts - backed by an eight-year freeze on non-defense spending - would eventually balance the federal budget for the first time since Bill Clinton was president.

Kasich is still struggling to gain national traction in a crowded GOP field dominated by billionaire businessman Donald Trump. He polls well at home, but still is little known elsewhere.