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DPS School Board Joins The Chorus Calling For Charter Reform

The Dayton Public Schools Board of Education is drawing attention to the differences between the state’s traditional public and charter schools. The board wants charters on a more level playing field.

The state’s school choice leader, David Hansen, recently resigned after it came out that he didn’t report failing grades for some charter schools. And that has those in traditional public education in reaction mode. The DPS school board has passed a resolution urging lawmakers to make changes in governing charters.

Dr. AdilBaguirov says he and his fellow DPS board members want the charter school system to have the same requirements as public districts.

“Charter schools have to abide by 150, that’s one-five-zero, less laws than the traditional public schools,” he said. “Which means they have to have less staff and, frankly, there are less standards for educational excellence that they have to abide by.”

Baguirov also says there needs to be changes to the bussing requirements on Dayton Public Schools, which he calls a “nightmare.” By law, the district must transport charter students to their schools. Baguirov says that affects when DPS schools can begin and end the school day. Board members also want charter schools to have a mandatory annual audit. The Newton Local Schools board as well as Revere School District in northeast Ohio have passed similar resolutions.

The DPS board will discuss the resolution during its next legislative roundtable with local lawmakers in September.