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State Lawmakers Considering Changes To Concealed Carry Law

A new bill has been introduced in the state legislature that would allow Ohioans to carry concealed guns without required training or a permit. But the bill is being met with resistance.

Jim Irvine, with the Buckeye Firearms Association, says the state should do what some others have done: scrap the permit requirement for handguns.

“Is there a case for having a big registration scheme and having people pay fees to the state to exercise a constitutional right? And I think a lot of people are finding, no, you can’t make a good case for that. And if you can’t, then why are we doing it,” Irvine said.

But the mandatory firearm training that comes with getting a permit is a big reason to keep the current law says Mike Weinman with the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police.

“When you eliminate that, you open up the door to folks who really don’t have the experience of interacting with officers and you don’t know what kind of knee jerk reaction they’ll have when an officer approaches them and things like that,” he said.

The bill has the backing of nearly two dozen representatives, but firearms advocates admit it will be a tough sell.