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Lawmakers Consider Childproof Liquid Nicotine Containers

State and federal lawmakers are considering requiring childproof containers for liquid nicotine used in e-cigarettes.
American Herald

The numbers of medical crises involving liquid nicotine refills used in e-cigarettes are rising dramatically and there are efforts underway to crack down on their packaging.

Public health experts say liquid nicotine poisoning calls have increased 40 times in the last three years, and that includes the first known death, of a toddler in New York in December. State Sen. Shannon Jones of Springboro in southwest Ohio says these refills should have child-proof packaging. 

“A half teaspoon of this flavored, candy scented and decorated bottle, a half teaspoon is lethal,” she said.

There’s also a similar bill in Congress – and the e-cigarette industry says it would prefer one national standard than different regulations in all 50 states. Lawmakers also say the refill’s candy flavors and smells are targeted at kids, but an industry spokesman says adults who want to quit smoking often want strong flavors in their e-cigarettes.