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Dayton-Area Businesses Voice Support For Gay Marriage

Several Dayton-area small business owners are proclaiming their support for gay marriage in Ohio. In a press conference later this morning, the group Why Marriage Matters Ohio will present a list of businesses who have signed on, which include Fifth St. Brew Pub, Ghostlight Coffee, Borrowed Vintage, Omega Music, Sherwood Florist, Wheat Penny Oven and Bar, and C. Marie’s Photography.  

“With every state that passes marriage equality, it puts Ohio at an economic disadvantage,” says Mike Premo, campaign manager for Why Marriage Matters Ohio. “Right now there are all kinds of qualified people who would otherwise come to Ohio, who won’t now because either they want to get married or they’re already married and that marriage won’t be recognized. So we’re cutting out a whole swath of people who are otherwise qualified for jobs.”

Why Marriage Matters Ohio set a goal to get the backing of 200 businesses across Ohio before year’s end. The organization says 188 businesses have already signed on to support gay marriage, and organizers believe Ohio’s ban on gay marriage, passed by voters in 2004, can be overturned as public opinion shifts.


Why Matter Matters Ohio has posted this list of businesses that have signed on to support their campaign:


5th Street Brew Pub
5th Street Wine and Deli
Borrowed Vintage
C. Marie's Photography
Ghostlight Coffee
Jimmy Modern
Meadowlark Restaurant
Omega Music
Recreate Music
Sew Dayton
Sherwood Florist
Spice Paradise
Tattoo Team Oregon District
Trolley Stop
Wicked Cake Creations
Wheat Penny Oven and Bar

Yellow Springs
Clay + Stan
Dragon Tree Tattoo and Gifts
Import House
Pig Wings BBQ
Spirited Goat
Unfinished Creations
Urban Handmade
Winds Café


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