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State Report Card Shows Mixed Grades For Miami Valley Schools

The Ohio Department of Education released report cards for Ohio’s schools Thursday.  The 2013 report cards rate schools and buildings in the first nine of 18 new performance criteria. The new assessment system features letter grades that the DOE says are more familiar to people. 

According to Ohio's top public schools official, Superintendent Richard Ross, no district received all As or all Fs, but in the first round of new scores - districts did fall at all points on the scale.  He said tougher performance standards will make Ohio's schools better and state more competitive.

It was a mixed bag of results for schools in the Miami Valley. Dayton Public Schools received Ds and Fs in all 9 categories of assessment.  In a communication to staff and teachers, Superintendent Lori Ward said the “results [were] not positive and [the school system] must do better…no excuses.”

Trotwood-Madison and Northridge Local Schools also received low scores under the new grading system, and many schools in the area received a range of scores, A though F, in the new catagories. 

Kettering schools topped the list with As and Bs in all categories and Yellow Springs Schools received As, Bs, and some Cs.The Ohio Department of Education released the data on an interactive state website. Interest in the grades was so great that for a time the Department of Education says the new website was overwhelmed.

How did your school fare?


A list of all Ohio Schools can be found at the Ohio Department of Education.

The Associated Press Contributed to this story.