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Ohio Tea Party Groups Still Simmering Over IRS Scandal

The holiday week continues for lawmakers in Washington – which means no more hearings on the IRS scandal. But there's no break for Ohio groups who say they were targeted - and are angry.

So-called social welfare groups don’t have to apply to the IRS, but donors often want to see IRS recognition before giving. Maurice Thompson is preparing a lawsuit on behalf of Ohio Tea Party groups, and says it would also seek to stop the IRS from targeting groups or individuals, as has happened in previous administrations.

“There needs to be serious action taken to root out exactly what’s going on over there and to actually establish some precedents that stop it and assess criminal liability,” says Thompson.

But Tom Zawistowski of the Ohio Liberty Coalition says he has another goal in mind.

“Quite frankly, the only outcome that would satisfy me is for the IRS to be abolished, because in essence it is a political tool,” says Zawistowski.

There are reports that as the Ohio Liberty Coalition’s application was in waiting, Zawistowski sent out e-mails inviting members to campaign events for Mitt Romney – an activity that many would perceive as partisan, though he says he was advised was okay.