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President Barack Obama has won Ohio again, capturing the swing state after a hard-fought battle with Republican Mitt Romney. Obama, who also won Ohio in 2008, claims the swing state's 18 electoral votes on his way to an electoral victory nationwide.Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles has more.NPR's It's All Politics blog looks at Ohio's roll in the President's win.NPR's It's All Politics blog explores reaction to Obama's re-election from around the world.Democrat Sherrod Brown has won re-election to the U.S. Senate after one of the most expensive and closely watched match-ups in the country. The 59-year-old Brown beat Republican challenger Josh Mandel despite an onslaught of attacks from conservative outside groups.The Dayton Daily News' Martin Gottlieb provides analysis on the Brown-Mandel Race.Analysis from former Dayton Daily News editor Ellen Belcher.NPR's Peter Overby looks Senate races including Brown-Mandel and whether ad money equals victory.In the race for Ohio's new 10th District, Congressman Mike Turner won over challenger Sharon Neuhardt by a wide margin of 60% to 36%. WYSO's Jerry Kenney spoke with Turner about his win.Ohio voters have rejected a proposal to change the process for redrawing state legislative and congressional maps. Issue 2 lost after a fight that pitted voter advocacy groups and unions against business interests and the Ohio Republican Party.Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler has more information.There were nearly 200 school levies on the ballot Tuesday in Ohio. Several districts around the Miami Valley were seeking levy support from voter's to replace state aid ad revenue lost through tax changes. The majority of these levies were rejected.A picture of school levies throughout the state of Ohio from StateImpact's Ida LieszkovskyHowever, Dayton Metro Library saw success on its bond issue.County by county results for the WYSO listening area:Champaign CountyClark CountyClinton CountyDarke CountyGreene CountyMiami CountyMontgomery CountyPreble CountyWarren CountyThe WYSO news team has partnered with the Associated Press to bring you extra features and coverage on the candidates and issues this election season:Exit Poll DemographicsElection Results MapThe Balance of PowerInteractive Campaign OverviewCandidate and Issue TrackerCampaign Finance Tracker

Hershey: Bi-Partisanship Needed Moving Forward

“The drama went to Ohio,” said retired political reporter, Bill Hershey, as he reflected on the Buckeye’s state 2012 cliff-hanger Presidential election results. In a narrow but clear victory, Obama won nearly 51 percent of Ohio voter support. When asked, “What sealed the deal for the President,” Hershey replied, “The Get-Out-the-Vote efforts.”

Hershey also felt the President’s auto rescue plan strongly linked UAW workers with Obama support. He commented further that voter turnout across Ohio drew auto workers to the polls, not just from Chrysler and GM, but also Ford.

The battleground states mostly went to Obama, with Romney doing slightly better than McCain in 2008. When asked about GOP pundit, Carl Rove’s concerns that Ohio was called too soon, Hershey felt that Rove “had sour grapes” because he was “heavily invested in Ohio. “

A question about Obama’s position on sequestration for across-the-board defense cuts was asked in regards to preventing an up-coming rise in the debt ceiling. Hershey felt that the President should show stronger leadership moving forward by getting both parties together. He emphasized the extreme importance to the Miami Valley and all of Ohio, for politicians to find common ground in uniting Democrats and Republicans “to avoid this catastrophe.”

Web summary by Ronald Maynard and Lisa O’Hearn