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Oil Found in Water after Springfield Fuel Business Fire

Authorities say more environmental cleanup will be needed after a fire at a Springfield fuel company created thick black smoke and left officials monitoring oil that spilled into a nearby tributary of a creek.

Ohio EPA spokeswoman Heather Lauer says most of the oil was contained inside the building, but between two- and three-hundred gallons of oil made its way into a nearby waterway.

Lauer - "They're out digging a trench to make sure that no more oil gets into the creek that's an unnamed tributary to Donnels Creek."

Fire officials tell the Springfield News Sun they used vacuum equipment and other methods to help remove containments and contain them within a quarter-mile downstream.

Lauer says it's hard to assess the scene since the building has collapsed.

Lauer - "We don't know how much oil is actually left in the building, so depending on what happens with what the company is doing, and with recovery efforts - that will lead us in a different direction."

Officials says they believe a spark of static electricity started the blaze at RD Holder Oil Company, which supplies fuel, heating oil and heavy lubricants.  They say the fire ignited while a truck was being loaded Thursday morning, and it spread to the warehouse.

No serious injuries were reported.  More than 50 agencies responded to the scene.