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Neighborhood Housing Partnership of Greater Springfield opens new office

A financial education course taking place in the new satellite office at 629 S. Center Street in Springfield.
The Neighborhood Housing Partnership of Greater Springfield
The Neighborhood Housing Partnership of Greater Springfield
A financial education course taking place in the new satellite office at 629 S. Center Street in Springfield.

The Neighborhood Housing Partnership (NHP) of Greater Springfield opened a second location last year. It’s in southern Springfield, where housing services are in demand. Now, those in need have an option close to home to receive help.

It’s located on 629 S. Center Street, and is leased from the Church of Jesus Family Worship Center. The office has space for both one-on-one sessions and group meetings.

Conversations about finding a location in south Springfield began after a financial fitness luncheon NHP hosted with the church last July.

“Not long after that, I was speaking with Bishop Ann Pratt and said I really wish we could find some space over on the south side of Springfield to make it a little easier or more convenient or maybe more visible for residents to see that we’re there and we exist,” Greg Womacks, NHP’s executive director, said.

NHP offers a variety of homeownership and budgeting classes, as well as services for home repairs – many of which could potentially be free for qualifying residents.

Unfortunately, Womacks said, many in the area don’t know about these services. That’s why the organization began renting the new satellite office on Center Street.

“It’s more than just convenience for some people to be able to get there,” Womacks said. “But I think it over time begins to develop a comfort level with the fact that [the] Neighborhood Housing Partnership of Greater Springfield has services to provide people, and they’re at a safe place to meet with them.”

The office does not have any scheduled hours due to a lack of staffing and is instead available as needed. When an individual makes a call to NHP, the organization can determine which location may be more convenient for the caller to get to.

Additionally, Womacks said he has hosted bimonthly board meetings. Some of NHP’s financial wellness classes are also held in the building on a bimonthly basis.

When not in-person, these classes are often virtual to be more accommodating.

“It’s been a great option to be able to offer to folks, and I honestly didn’t know how well it would work,” Womacks admitted. “We’ve been pleasantly surprised that people want to meet at the South Center Street office.”

The new office has been received warmly, Womacks said, and some class sizes have increased slightly. The Homebuyer Education course, which usually hovers between eight to 10 students, now has around 15.

“We’re still in the process of getting the word out, but I think that’s going to happen,” Womacks said. “Slowly but surely, I believe we’re sensing that the word is starting to get out and people are taking advantage of that location over there.”

People are still surprised to learn about NHP and the services they offer, and Womacks said they’re beginning to spread that information by word of mouth.

“It’s really been a blessing, and certainly confirms that we made the right decision to open up a second office on South Center Street,” Womacks said.

To learn if you may qualify for the free classes and services, you can call (937) 322-4623, or visit their website.

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