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Yellow Springs residents reflect on the past year and share their resolutions for the future

Jason Reynolds
Townspeople are either seated in or joined together at the bar of Yellow Springs Brewery, one of the many treasures of the town.

The New Year is here and it’s time again for residents to reflect and make resolutions for the upcoming year. WYSO’s Tazh Davis talked with community members in the village of Yellow Springs on what they're hoping to see within their town in 2023.

Sarah Strong: I'm looking forward to coming back outside and downtown more and having more interactions like before COVID. Really looking forward to the summer market and happy to see Friday nights at the Emporium happen again.

Sarah Graham: More community events that people could get out and get to know each other. I feel like neighbors knowing each other is kind of a thing of the past, and I feel like if we all knew each other and we were more of human beings to one, you know, one another, that we would all get along a lot better on a day to day.

Mike Dwyer: By local support the community too, just from the from the inside. Outside. We all live here. Take care of it.

Lori Lotts: Possibly more kindness over social media, seeing a lot of arguing going on, differing opinions. And, you know, I think it would be nice to see people respect other other's opinions a little bit better and to just be a little bit more kind. You know, ultimately.

Marsha K: The only thing resolution I would have for the community, I would be saying more for the high schools community is that they should fix the restrooms. Otherwise, yeah, I think that's true. That's true. That's a good resolution for them to fix the restroom. So we're from Dublin? Yeah.

Lynn Hoskin: I'd say just in general, taking care of things. More like respecting things like picking up trash and stuff. Because I see it a lot around the highways where it's like we could do more. Like I feel like more people could do their part to, like, pick stuff up and not litter. Just make the community a better place.

Tazh Davis is the Spring 2023 news intern at WYSO, where she reports on the local changes, community events and immediate news of the Greater Dayton area.