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Clark State College expands into 3D digital modeling and simulation

Clark State College is stepping deeper into the world or modeling and simulation.

The US Department of Education is giving the school almost $1.1 million to create a certificate and a degree program in modeling and simulation.
Nationwide, five universities received this grant, and Clark State is the only community college to receive it.

This technology is used in numerous professions including health care, engineering, entertainment and with the U.S. Department of Defense. President Jo Alice Blondin said Ohio has thousands of job openings for people with these digital skills.

“The ability to do a combination of computer aided design, information technology, cyber security and critical thinking skills in modeling and testing,” Blondin said. “That will allow an employee to actually put forward a model on the computer of what the item that they're testing is and then break it apart, create a digital twin for that model, and then in turn save product and money for the company.”

Infinity Labs in Dayton is teaming up with Clark State to design the curriculum.
Co-founder Jason Molnar says modeling and simulation are real-world problem-solving tools for numerous industries — including health care.

“The more advanced we get, including autonomous algorithms, machine learning, the more that's going to be integrated into health care devices and modeling and simulation,” Molnar explained. “What that will allow is tweaking, understanding better fidelity in those systems and components to really protect Americans in those critical health care systems.”

In January, the college will launch the associate’s program.

Kathryn Mobley is an award-winning broadcast journalist, crafting stories for more than 30 years. She’s reported and produced for TV, NPR affiliate and for the web. Mobley also contributes to several area community groups. She sings tenor with World House Choir (Yellow Springs), she’s a board member of the Beavercreek Community Theatre and volunteers with two community television operations, DATV (Dayton) and MVCC (Centerville).

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