Frank LaRose

Election Cybersecurity Training Comes To Ohio

Feb 11, 2020
Secretary of State Frank LaRose said 82 of Ohio's 88 counties are now fully compliant with his security directive.
Leila Goldstein / WYSO

This Monday at the Ohio Statehouse, representatives from the University of Southern California (USC) and the Department of Homeland Security spoke to Ohio election workers about cybersecurity. The event was part of USC’s Election Cybersecurity Initiative. The training program, funded by Google, is touring all 50 states. 

Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose at the Montgomery County Board of Elections, where new voting machines are being tested.
Jerry Kenney

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose demonstrated Montgomery County's new voting machines at the county Board of Elections Tuesday. LaRose says the machines are currently being inspected and tested, and are expected to be ready for voters to use during the 2020 presidential election.

Lawmakers Crafting Plan Focused On Congressional District Lines

Oct 9, 2015

The bipartisan duo of lawmakers that pushed for redistricting reform on the state level is now focused on congressional districts.