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The Sound Valley Summer Music Festival is a new one-day event highlighting local music and benfitting local causes.  This year the event will benefit Brigid's Path, which supports newborns and mothers affected by the opioid epdemic.  Event co-organizer Zac Pitts visited the WYSO studios along with members of NovaGold, Weathervein, and A Voice Of Your Own for a live preview of the festival on Kaleidoscope. 

Sara Bir returned to the program to discuss her cookbook of recipes from all over Ohio. We live in a big state with varied cuisines. The food you'll find in Cleveland will be quite different from what you might discover to eat in Cincinnati. And then there are all those places in between. The author did a great job of assembling a wide variety of recipes that reflect the diversity and culinary excitement that you can find in Ohio.

The New Old-Fashioned
Bill Cunningham

Smalltown, Midwest, USA (Magnaphone Records) is the third full length album from the New Old-Fashioned.  The band visited the WYSO studios for a live acoustic set on Kaleidoscope ahead of the release and talked with host Juliet Fromholt about recoding in analogue, their evolving vocal harmonies, and more.

The New Old-Fashioned will celebrate the release of Smalltown, Midwest, USA on Friday, August 31 at the Yellow Cab Tavern in downtown Dayton. More details at: newoldfashionedmusic.com

Dayton band Shrug

Tippapalooza is an annual festival highlighting regional music and benefitting the Tipp City community.  Event organizers Bill Wendell and Lisa Santucci visited the WYSO studios to talk with Music Director Niki Dakota about the upcoming event which features performances from the 1984 Draft, Seth Canan and the Carriers, Neo American Pioneers, and Shrug. 

Try to picture a scenario in which the United States has been taken over by corporations and that corporate power rules the land. Imagine that many of our leaders are being complicit with our corporate overlords and that corruption, shady deals, and money laundering have become the hidden hallmarks of power. In this fictional world Donald Trump is still our president but just about everything else is different. I realize this seems absurd and inconceivable.

The Apollo XI Crew photographed by Yousuf Karsh.
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Estrellita Karsh in memory of Yousuf Karsh / ©Estate of Yousuf Karsh

The first image that comes to mind when people think of Winston Churchill is of the leader scowling, his hand on his hip. It was taken by photographer Yousuf Karsh. Some of the greatest photographs of our time were taken by the Armenian refugee who fled to North America and rose to international fame. 

"[The Churchill portrait] was the international breakthrough of his career," says Karsh's 88-year-old widow and Antioch College alumna, Estrellita Karsh, on the phone from Boston.

Secret Kept and Gary Onady joined Niki Dakota on Excursions.
via Kelli Campbell

Jazz combo Secret Kept, along with special guest Gary Onady, visited the WYSO studios for a special preview of their upcoming performance at Jazz Central along with Karen Patterson.  They talked with WYSO Music Director Niki Dakota about the upcoming show.

Secret Kept will perform at Jazz Central with special guests Karen Patterson and Gary Onady on Friday, August 31.

Conrad's Corner: August 27, 2018

Aug 27, 2018

Steve Broidy reads David Petreman's poem, "Butterflies"

Dylan Taylor-Lehman moved to our area and became a reporter for the Yellow Springs News. His experiences as a journalist provided him with some insights into life in this unusual small town. Ohio is a state that has a form of government by townships. Dylan was sent to cover a meeting of the Miami Township Board of Trustees. Yellow Springs is located in Miami Township.

Conrad's Corner: August 24, 2018

Aug 24, 2018

Lori Gravley reads Julie Moore's poem, "The First Time I Saw a Shooting Star"