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Speaking Suns Prepare Vanishing Country For Release


Jacob Diebold and Sam Salazar of Speaking Suns took some time to come by the WYSO studios. Jacob and Sam talk about their label Great Guys Records, which was started by their bandmate Connor Stratton as well as about their (now finished) kickstarter campaign to raise money for their upcoming album, Vanishing Country. To top things off Jacob and Sam even play three songs from Vanishing Country, including the first ever performance of one of the new songs from the album.

Vanishing Country will be available for purchase on August 15th, and there will even be a limited release of Vanishing Country on hot-pink vinyl. For more information about Speaking Suns or upcoming shows you can go to their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/speakingsuns

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In the course of her first live radio interview to promote the band, Niki’s keen excitedness manifest itself in extreme chattiness. At the conclusion of the segment, the DJ closed the mic and said, “You need to be in radio."  That was in 1990. In 2002, Niki’s radio career brought her to WYSO where she continues to enjoy a love of music and shares that love with the Miami Valley weekdays on Excursions.