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Best of the Book Nook: It Must Have Been Something I Ate: The Return of the Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten

Vick Mickunas' 2003 interview with Jeffrey Steingarten

In 2003 the eminent food writer Jeffrey Steingarten came out to Yellow Springs to talk about his food memoir "It Must Have Been Something I Ate: The Return of the Man Who Ate Everything." Oh, we had fun that day, taking about all the great foods that we love.

Steingarten went into great detail about his adventures smuggling in cheese from Europe. He claimed that he wasn't really smuggling it, he would declare what he was doing on his customs forms. Even so, some of the cheese he was carrying in his luggage was considered to be illegal in the USA and it is not supposed to be imported. That's why he was hauling in the cheese himself, because he loved those cheeses and the laws were to his mind, ridiculous.

Oh, we did enjoy talking about cheese and potatoes and cooking and eating and all the wonderful aspects of being humans with taste buds that were yearning for gustatory pleasures. After we digitized this recording I looked up Jeffrey to ascertain first off that he is still with us, he is, and if he has written any other books since this one; he has not. From what I understand he's also become quite popular as a judge on television cooking shows.

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