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Book Nook: A Hundred Fires in Cuba, by John Thorndike and Best of the Book Nook Bonus: Clive Barker


John Thorndike returned to the show to talk about his latest novel "A Hundred Fires in Cuba." Thorndike has set his story with the backdrop of the Cuban Revolution during the late 1950's. This book begins as a love story about a photographer who has a brief affair with a Cuban man in New York City during the mid 1950's. Their relationship is cut short when he is deported. The story resumes in Cuba as the Revolution is underway and the photographer is living with her new husband and her daughter by the fellow with whom she had had that brief liaison on New York.

She discovers that her former lover is still alive and is one of the leaders of Castro's Revolution. Then her life becomes very complicated.

Bonus Best of the Book Nook Bonus segment "Galilee" by Clive Barker (original recording made in 1998)

Clive Barker is a legendary writer. Once upon a time he came out to Yellow Springs on book tour. We had quite a conversation about his new novel on that day 21 years ago.

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