The Human Race Theatre Presents Oliver!

Dec 1, 2012

The Human Race Theatre is proud to present the reductionist version of Oliver! directed by Alan Souza. The show runs from November 29th - December 22nd at The Loft Theatre in Dayton.   The musical is based off of Charles Dicken's famous novel Oliver Twist which became a literary phenomenon in England around the 1830's. Many years later the book became a musical and a movie. The music of Oliver! was performed by many famous divas including Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey.

2012 marks the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Dickens. He was a political writer most famously known for his stories about poverty which existed in the lower class in England. Oliver Twist became one of his most famous novels which received praise from all over England around the 1830's. People who loved the novel performed the story in their houses before the final volumes of the novel were released.

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