The End of Emerald Street

Nov 10, 2008

One hundred years ago this week, the citizens of Dayton, Ohio and surrounding communities watched in disbelief as collapsing levees allowed flood waters to overtake the city in a matter of moments.    

Members of the Living History Theatre Company performing a scene in 'Emerald Street.'
Credit Susan Gardner

WYSO and the Living History Theatre present an original radio drama, "The End of Emerald Street."  Set during the Great Dayton Flood, the story combines fictional characters with historical figures like John H. Patterson, Arthur Morgan, and John Barringer.

The play features a host of local actors including, Howard Shook, Dan Davis, Flo Lorenz, Tony Dallas and Miriam Eckenrode.  Rounding out the audio performance is original music composed by Dayton native Justin Vanderberg. 

The End of Emerald Street was written by Kay Reimers, produced and edited by Jerry Kenney, and directed by Dan Davis.  This newly edited edition of the play recounts the dramatic moments leading up to the flood, the devastating effect it had on the residents of Dayton, and highlight the innovation and ideas that would eventually chart a new course for flood control around the world.