Air Force Cuts Could Impact Dayton Air Show

Jan 24, 2013

The Air Force announced cuts at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base this week to address budget uncertainty at the federal level. AS WYSO’s Emily McCord reports reductions to non essential flying could impact the popular Dayton Air Show.

Every summer, the air show celebrates Dayton aviation history with both military and civilian performers and has over a $3 million economic impact on the region. Brenda Kerfoot is the manager and she says this year it shouldn’t be any different, at least not from the spectator’s standpoint.

"Now behind the scenes, we may have to do some things differently a show as far as getting equipment from other places, etc., if that support does not come as it has in the past from Wright-Patt," says Kerfoot.

For example, Kerfoot says most civilian air shows don’t have a military base close by to help to do thinsg, like tow planes or provide security. She says she’ll be watching what happens with the federal budget to determine the long-

USAF Thunderbirds headline the 2013 Vectren Dayton Air

term effect on the air show. More cuts could be looming unless Congress reaches to a deal to avoid the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration by March 1.