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A Small Presence: The Antioch Word Explores Unintentional Community Building

courtesy of Ruthie Lane

Antioch’s year-round schedule is sometimes grueling, and always exhausting. However, it also creates space for variation and diversity that more typical models don’t always facilitate. In this vein, The Word is undergoing a few changes. Episodes will now feature projects from people in the Antioch community such as students, staff, and faculty. We also remixed the theme song!

Community Voices is a radio production course taught WYSO for anyone who is interested. Students learn how to interview, operate audio equipment, and edit stories together. WYSO’S Jocelyn Robinson recently taught it for only Antioch students as a media class.

Through all of Antioch’s shifting, there are things that string everything together. Some of these things are big, and some are so small that you might not ever notice them. During Community Voices last quarter, Toni Jonas-Silver ’18 created this piece about one of the small ones.

In a brief interview about her story, Toni explained how she wanted to create a story about the Antioch community outside the context of political controversies.

“There is another level of community that I thought Gene could help me capture…There are other examples of things that you can only really understand if you’re fully immersed in the community.”

Toni also spoke about the limitations of intentional community building.

“Things that aren’t intentionally building community are a lot of times more effective and genuine.”

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