Lori Anne Gravley

Producer, Conrad's Corner

Lori Anne Gravley began recording poems for Conrad’s Corner in 2015, and she quickly began helping Conrad produce the program during his extensive travels.  She has published her own poems widely in literary magazines and anthologies and has recently completed a chapbook “We Say Water” and a full-length collection, Turbulence. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and for Best New Poets.  When she isn’t wandering in the world, she lives in Yellow Springs with her husband, two dogs, and an ever changing variety of stringed instruments. 

Janeal Ravndal reads Aimee Noel's poem “Swift Water”

Conrad Balliet reads Myrna Stone's “Pyrotechnicalities”

Conrad Balliet reads Ron Knipfer's poem "Ancient Soldier"

Lori Anne Gravley read her poem "Dogs in Thailand Don’t Bark at Strangers"

Steve Broidy reads David Petreman's poem, "Butterflies"

Lori Anne Gravley reads Anna Cates' poem "Summer Haiku"

Conrad Balliet reads two poems for Father's Day by Rita Coleman and David Garrison

Janeal Ravndal reads Aimee Noel's poem, "Swift Water Buriel"

Conrad Balliet reads Peter Cacavari's poem "Above" 

Janeal Ravndal reads Marietta Ball's poem, "If Not For Birds"